Helpful Webcam Links

Here are some other sites with resources related to webcams:

cavemonkey50's Webcam Update Script - Dynamically serves up either your active webcam image or other content when cam is offline.

Setting up a Netcam - Helpful Webcam Info

W3Schools - JavaScript/HTML DOM/CSS

TinCam - Webcam Upload Software

Linux Webcam Info

Mac OS X Webcam Info

Webcam Central - Cross-indexed Listing Live Webcams

Webcam Network With Search And Sorted By Topic

User Sites

These sites are using the AJAXCam Webcam Javascript:

Grahams Beach Weather Data - Webcam

Robotoy - University of Wollongong, Australia

Steph The Geek -

Glass House Philosopher Webcam

Douglas Turecek Photography - Alexandria, VA



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